Considering a Pellet Stove? A Comprehensive Guide

Are you contemplating the idea of purchasing a pellet stove? This guide aims to address the frequently asked questions about pellet stoves. While consulting a qualified technician is irreplaceable, this article will provide insights into the variety of pellet stoves available in the market.

Choosing the Right Pellet Stove for Your Needs

Pellet stoves are diverse in size, color, and design. Key factors to consider when buying a pellet stove include:

  • The number of rooms you intend to heat.
  • Your aesthetic preference, from modern designs to classic hand-painted ceramic styles.
  • Your budget constraints.

Rest assured, there’s a pellet stove to suit almost every taste.

Selecting the Right Pellets

The quality of the pellet is crucial. High-quality pellets produce minimal dust and burn cleanly, leaving little residue in the pellet stove. It’s advisable to purchase pellets from certified, high-quality producers. We can guide our customers in Malta and Gozo to reliable local suppliers offering quality pellets at competitive prices.

Maintenance and Cleaning of Pellet Stoves

Compared to traditional fireplaces, pellet stoves are low maintenance. A good quality pellet stove typically produces less than 200g of ash after a day’s use. Cleaning is a breeze, with ash conveniently collected under the brazier and easily removed with a vacuum. The transparent glass is designed for easy cleaning with a damp cloth.

Importance of Certified Technicians

Always ensure your pellet stove is installed by a manufacturer-certified technician. Manufacturers require proof of professional installation before honoring warranty repairs.

Chimney Installation and Aesthetics

You can conceal the chimney behind a gypsum wall for a seamless look. This comes at an added cost. Most customers prefer to leave the chimneys in sight, as the high-quality chimneys we offer are durable and aesthetically pleasing.

Remote Operation of Pellet Stoves

Modern pellet stoves offer advanced features like thermostat control and remote operation via WiFi and phone connectivity. Our technician can provide details on specific models.

How Does a Pellet Stove Work?

Pellet stoves utilize wood pellets specifically designed for high heat output and minimal ash production. The combustion process is sealed, ensuring no smoke enters your home, and a fan expels the combustion fumes through the chimney.

Pellet Stove vs. Traditional Fireplace

For residents of Malta without access to free wood and ample time to babysit a traditional fireplace, pellet stoves are a clear winner over traditional fireplaces. They are more efficient, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly.

Viewing Pellet Stoves Before Purchase

We collaborate with select retailers in Malta and Gozo where you can view our pellet stoves in person.

Pellet Stoves in Apartment Blocks

Pellet stoves are best suited for penthouses or units near the roof with roof access. Installation in lower floors of high-rises may not be feasible. Always ensure the fumes are vented legally and without causing inconvenience to neighbours.

Pellet Stove vs. Traditional Fireplace

For residents of Malta without access to free wood and ample time to babysit a traditional fireplace, pellet stoves are a clear winner over traditional fireplaces. They are more efficient, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly.

Pellet Stove Expected Lifespan

With proper installation, pellet stoves can last for years without issues. However, annual maintenance is essential to clear soot build-up in the chimney. Some newer models even alert owners when servicing is due.

Heating Multiple Rooms with a Pellet Stove

Pellet stoves come in various capacities, from 7 kW to 20+ kW, suitable for heating extensive areas. Ducted stoves can distribute warm air to different parts of the home. Our technician can provide tailored advice during the site visit.

Using Pellet Stoves for Water Heating

Hydro stoves, a special category of pellet stoves, can heat both the room and water for radiators or underfloor heating systems. They are energy-efficient and provide the luxury of warm floors without the high electricity costs of electric underfloor heating systems.

Understanding Pellet Stove Efficiency in Malta

Contemporary pellet stoves have efficiency ratings upwards of 95%. This means that they produce minimal emissions and ash. All our stoves are regularly inspected and certified by competent European agencies to comply with the most recent environmental requirements.

Energy Efficiency of Pellet Stoves

Because of their high efficiency rating and the high heat output of pellets versus wood, pellet stoves are very energy efficient. In practice, one 15 kg bag will last most customers between two and four days of normal use. To compare, a 15kg load of wood logs will last hardly more than one evening’s use.

Warranty and Customer Support

We offer a three-year warranty on most of our stoves. This is by far the most comprehensive warranty given by any retailer in Malta.

Primary Heating Source in Malta

Pellet stoves are indicated as a primary heating source in Malta. In fact, one of the main reasons why our customers switch to our stoves is because they are tired of overpaying for the low-quality heat that comes from ACs or gas heaters. Pellet stoves are safer, more efficient, and run in a completely automated way.

Safety Precautions with Pellet Stoves

While pellet stoves run in a completely automated fashion, including turning on and off at preset times or when a certain temperature is desired, it is not advised to run a stove when no one is at home. While pellet stoves have safety features built in and will automatically turn off in case internal temperature is excessive, or over-strong winds which may impair functioning are detected, it is best to ensure a human being is around.

Cost Comparison with Traditional Heating Methods

At 2023 prices, a pellet stove will cost between EUR 2 and 4 per day in wood pellets, depending on the stove’s power rating and how many hours a day the customer will keep it running. Clearly, someone working from home and running it all day will incur higher costs. This is a fraction of the price of a log burner, and compares very favourably with gas heaters as well.

Exclusive Distributors for Top Brands in Malta

We are the exclusive distributors in Malta for top Italian pellet stove brands like Phebo, Cadel and Thermorossi. These are historical Italian brands that rank highly in manufacturing quality, reliability and level of assistance from the manufacturer. Our brands have been sold for many years across Europe.

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